Creative Photography

The making of great product photography doesn’t begin and end on set. With creative photography,
it’s possible to create a new image by adding an element (or several elements) in post-production. 
It gives you a wider range of possibilities for showcasing your products.

Cosmetic Photography

There are a few details that make cosmetic photography different from still life product photography.
Cosmetics are often smaller than other still-life products and most times there’s a metallic or reflective
(shiny) finish on them. 
They are delicate and there’s an emphasis on colour accuracy.

Pack Shot Photography

Pack Shots photography showcase the packaging and labeling of a product. 
It is a type of photography that aims to show the product realistically. 
The photographer must be skilled to ensure the colours, 
shapes and labels are true to the original product because good quality 
packshots raise the brand value. It also contributes to good online 
sales and reduces customer dissatisfaction.

Model Photography

Fashion e-commerce photography with models can make for a better campaign. 
It gives the consumer more information about the product and increases the purchase rates.
Shooting with models also provides a different way a brand can showcase its uniqueness and creativity.
A good model photography project starts with a clear vision and it’s properly executed with the right
high-end photography equipment and industry know-how.

Invisible Mannequin

Invisible mannequin photography or ghost mannequin photography creates a hollow man effect,
giving the customer a blank canvas so they can easily imagine themselves in the apparel. 
To create this look it is necessary to combine several images into one. 
It is favoured by many brands to maintain both consistency and focus on the product itself. 

Furniture Photography

Photographing furniture requires sufficient room to get the best results. 
The products may be photographed at your location or in-studio. 
I also offer a staging option, where I can create a whole room from scratch in the studio.

Still Life Photography

In still life photography a composition formed by a collection of items in 
a ‘natural state’ meaning that the final product looks well-presented 
rather than staged. There is usually a theme, by subject or colour, 
for example. 

food Photography

Food photography is an area of photography where food is photographed as the main subject for still images. A subset of commercial photography, the images are then used in product packaging, cookbooks, billboards, marketing materials, and more. In today’s digital market, images are often used for websites, newsletters banners, and social media accounts, too. Because food can be a difficult subject — cooling, melting, or losing lustre quickly — food photography is collaborative: Prop stylists, food stylists, lighting specialists, and designers work to support food photographers for optimum shoot timing. 

Property photography

Property Photography

Capturing your property in the best light is the key to marketing.

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