WOMEN WHO LEAD:      Amazing business women we love


It takes a village. True in many aspects of life and especially in business. Since Products Exposure started we have had to dedicate time to learning. Not only to make sure that we stay on top of the trends and technology required for us to stay competitive in the industry, but also to ensure we are managing and growing our skills as professionals and individuals.

We have been fortunate to come across many wonderful business leaders who have helped and inspired us tremendously through their work. Whether refining our business strategy, motivating us through a rough day or simply putting out there their work, these women have really influenced our journey. With International's Women's Day in mind we wanted to share our very own VIP list of female leaders:    

Camilla Catrambone: ever since we discovered the work of this photographer we have been hooked. In her series Family Portraits, read this article to find out more, she presents members of her family in a very unique way. Using the person's favourite objects, she creates a wonderful and creative depiction of each individual. Her work really resonates with us as it shows how you can always find new ways of doing things. Creativity really does go a long way. 

Lara Khalaf: she specialises in female leadership and her vision is "supporting women become more successful, conscious & confident leaders". She runs her own international boutique firm and is a passionate speaker. Last time we met her was at the London launch of Woman 5.0, where she is one of the founders. We love the content she shares on her Instagram.

Sarah Ashcroft: our director Mark met Sarah during the early days of her career. Sarah's career has skyrocketed since and is a firm and example of how hard work and dedication pays off. If you follow her on Instagram and YouTube you'll see why she has become an icon of the fashion blogging world and is successfully growing her brand.

Do you have your own business influencer list? Share it with us, we'd love to know who motivates you.