At Products Exposure we are very exited about the photography trends for 2019. We've put together a list of our 3 favourite ones which we hope will inspire you as you plan your marketing strategies for this year:

With PANTONE Living Coral having being crowned as the colour of the year, we are expecting to see an explosion of bright colours and contrast on social media. This will work amazingly for fashion and cosmetics product photography, giving you the opportunity to compose very eye catching imagery for your brand and standing out in the market for all the right reasons.

Story telling through Videography will continue to increase in popularity. Not only are social media platforms algorithms favoring organic video traffic, but the medium allows for brands to connect with customers at a whole different level. Businesses can use this medium tell their story and bring clients in a journey along with them. It is very important to note that quality is king, customers widely report being put off by low quality video and sound recordings so please bear this in mind during production.

The eco-friendly movement continues to grow strong. Consumers are increasingly choosing to support brands that champion care for the environment and sustainable production. Wherever possible share with your audience how your brand and business contribute by any means, big or small.

We truly can't wait to create good and innovative content this year. We love to become familiar with trends because it fuels our creativity and helps us envision new ways to provide quality services for our clients.

Marketa & the Products Exposure Team