Love for the craft


With Valentine's Day approaching we got thinking about all the things we love. Each member of our team feels incredibly grateful to do work we are passionate about as we are painfully aware that not everyone has this privilege. Things aren't always easy, and we all struggle in our own ways to overcome any number of hurdles that keep us from being successful.

How much we are into our jobs really fuels our willingness to push ourselves and find ways to become better. From technical training to networking and learning about entrepreneurship, we go out and try to overcome any shyness or fear in exchange for being more skilled all-around. A lot of what we have done has meant stepping out of our comfort zone in one way or another. And it has proven to be well worth the effort.

Now, let's get real. Wanting to dedicate time to training is wonderful but who has the time? Or the money? We would be lying if we said we didn't struggle with this for a very long time. Luckily, we have come up with a system that works for us and we wanted to share a few of our best tips:

Put it in your calendar

Don't wait for "the right time" to magically open up in your day. Running your own business is hard work and unless you decide to make any activity a priority, it will most probably never fit in the schedule. Start by blocking out short periods of time, say 1 hour once a week, where you really focus on the learning (no distractions!). If you really benefit from the session you will then feel motivated to book further time to continue. Start small and give yourself time to build it into a routine that works for you.

Choose your format wisely

There is so much good content available online (emphasis on good: make sure to research and get your information from trusted sources). Watch videos, vlogs, webinars, listen to podcasts and audiobooks or read blogs and books. Pick whatever is most enjoyable and helps you retain information better. It will make the experience more enjoyable and productive.

Sign up for workshop

Your local college/community centre and local networking groups are excellent gateways to finding out about workshops and one day training events. In London we have found a surprising amount of good quality and free training sessionsrun by various universities' business centres, local libraries and small business support hubs. Wherever you are based, make sure to ask around. For us, once we knew where to look we kept on finding good stuff!

Learning about something you are passionate about is a very rewarding experience. It not only helps you develop into a better professional but, the break itself, can oftentimes give you renewed energy when you're back at work. Making the time to attend a group session works best in this sense and has the added bonus of getting to network. But even making time to listen to a short business podcast or watch a vlog will add value.

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