Feeling inspired: celebrating the women in our lives


Never before have we had more access to female created content and role models. From social media to streaming services, new technology has made it possible for us to be exposed to women sharing their life stories, work, and ethos. This has resulted in the start of a wonderful shift towards more equality, representation, diversity and female empowerment.

But we don't always have to turn to our screens, newspapers or magazines. The very women in our lives provide us with all the inspiration we could ever need to embrace and appreciate the incredible virtues of the female. Just look closely at your circle of friends and family and you will see a great variety of women in many different circumstances and each with unique opportunities doing it all: raising families, forging careers and building great lives for themselves.

We find that the same is true in business. Our team has been incredibly lucky to work with many female-led small businesses over the years. We have met some incredible women building enterprises from the ground up, being visionaries in their field and achieving great success whilst also raising families. For us, they are examples of what we can achieve if we put our minds to it. We are ever so grateful that they lead us and others with their example.

Furthermore, we want to honor the women who have offered us their mentorship and support directly through their work. These are trainers and coaches our team has been taught by and who have shared their knowledge with us generously. Their collaborative disposition has offered us tools for growth that we would have otherwise never gained. If you want to know who some of these amazing women are please read this section on our site.

We hope that you join us in celebrating the women in your life. All of those who inspire you, no matter how big or small their contributions. Let us not only dedicate some thoughts to them this month but to continue to honor all of our fabulous ladies all year around! 🥂