Some say you don’t need much when you’re starting out. But the reality is that in the early days of your online business every little expense counts, especially when you’re yet to make a profit. Investing in a new website, equipment, software and high-quality professional photography doesn’t come cheap. I remember the feeling of watching it all add up and thinking “I’m not sure I’m ready for this!”

That’s why I started this project. Helping new businesses get off the ground with high quality and consistent product photography is a very exciting part of my job. I like to start by having a good conversation, so I can understand their brand and what they really like. We brainstorm, we look at good and bad examples, and discuss every important detail until there’s a clear idea of how their product photos should be.   

I like to focus on possibilities and to make sure we’re using (to the max!) all the resources you have available. It really is possible to create top results within a reasonable budget. If you’re just on the start of your small business journey, let me tell you now that you don’t have to go at it alone. Get in touch and let’s create some great work together for your brand.

How often are you in this situation?👉🏻 “Right, today I will schedule posts about my brand. I have many ideas about what I want to say, and I’m sure that will help me gain followers and potential customers 🤩 hmm, but I don’t have the right images of my product.🤔 That’s OK; I can take some pictures today. Aargh, I don’t have the right background and the props I saw on Pinterest, and I only have an hour to do it.😖 OK, let’s do it tomorrow when I have more time.” The next day you’ve lost your enthusiasm, and the ideas flow is gone. – If this situation sounds familiar to you, I might have a solution. 

With many years of experience in photography, I create visual content for my clients, and I absolutely love my work. Creating a brand’s imagery is super exciting and fulfilling. I work with high-standard equipment, so the result is top quality.

Trusting a photographer is a high risk that costs a lot of money and can go wrong. Phones do a great job these days, BUT your time is valuable. With the time you spend creating your images, you could bring many potential clients to buy your product. That’s why I started this new way of photographing.

Step 1: Send me a brief story about your brand, how you would like to present your brand to the world and tell me your values.

Step 2: Send over your products. This is the only cost you will have to start with this process.

Step 3: I will begin creating imagery for you. After the shoot, I create a library for you to see the final work I produced for you. You can pick as many images as you like, but also, you can only pick one image at a time. It’s super flexible. If you don’t like any, I will reshoot it and get closer to your expectation. The library will always be available to return to at any time.

Step 4: Buy photos or not.

There are no ties to anything. You can try it and see what you think. If it’s not for you, I will understand and won’t photograph your product any more until you ask me to try again.