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Meet Neon Velo

We want to introduce client we've had the pleasure to work with recently. VELOis a sports and lifestyle apparel brand for cyclists. Not only are their products of exceptional quality, they are also the first sports brand in our portfolio. This has meant we have had an opportunity to do something we love: work with new equipment and learn about sport clothing design! 

BTS 1 mannequin

The VELO team uses a male mannequin with soft features which is ideal for showcasing cycling apparel.

BTS 2 styling mannequin

Great attention to detail is required when photographing body tight garments. We love working with customers who strive for the best results and don't mind taking time to make sure the items look as good as they possibly can. Creases, folds and colors should always be just right!

BTS 3 vest

We loved learning from the VELO expert designers about the functionality of the clothing. We created GIFs to showcase some of the products' use and it was incredibly fun!

BTS 4 Instagram

If you are a cycling aficionado or know someone who is, don't forget to check them out and spread the word. You won't regret it, these products are the real deal.