DIY virtual vision board

Planning for the new year: DIY virtual vision board

When we set out to brainstorm about our plans and goals for 2019, we didn't expect it to become the fun experience it turned out to be. A few of us in the team are known for taking new year resolution rituals pretty seriously, but the rest would need a little more persuasion. We thought about making a regular vision board (turns out people need little convincing to daydream and Pinterest the afternoon away!) but it meant it would only be visible at the studio.

During our search, we came across the concept of making a virtual vision board and we were hooked. This is why this worked so well for our team:

  • We take it everywhere. We've saved it in all our devices.
  • We all have the same version of it, keep our common goals in mind.
  • The experience itself helped us get really specific about our plans for the new year.

BONUS: we had a great team bonding experience.

5 simple steps to create your own virtual vision board

Start by reviewing your business plan and write down your main goals for 2019.

Divide the goals by themes and assign a few themes to each team member.

Each person finds imagery that depicts each goal.

Use editing software such as Photoshop or canva to paste together your images.

Save your design in different sizes to customise the dimensions for each device screen size. If unsure, a quick search online with the make and type of your devices will help you find out the correct measurements. We used:

1. Desktop


3.Mobile phone

We are only a few weeks into seeing our board on our screens and we can only say good things about it. We're expecting to review the boards each quarter as we reach some of our goals and chose to either raise the bar or replace some of the imagery to depict brand new objectives.

Please do share with us how you chose to plan and motivate yourself and your team this year. 

We wish you a very productive and successful 2019! May you reach all your goals, smash your targets and have a fun new year.