Do you think you are creative?

Spring is at our doorstep. We have a lot to look forward to: sunny days, flowers in bloom and holiday weekends. For many of us, with the end of winter comes a surge of energy. We are finding ourselves fuelled to do more creative work. But the more we think about it we ask ourselves: how can we be more creative? It is, after all, an integral part of our jobs. So we did a little bit of research and we thought it might be interesting to share what we found with fellow business owners.

  1. First, let’s get basic. What is creativity? Cambridge Dictionary defines as the ability to produce original and unusual ideas or to make something new or imaginative. Now, this is the first step to get ourselves unstuck in the belief that we aren’t creative or that we can’t become more creative. Even if we think of a regular day in the office everyone can come up with examples of how they have come up with new solutions to problems big or small in the absence of the expert team member or a tool. Sounds simple but it is in fact creativity at work!
  2. This is a trait that we have cultivated since childhood. Everyone can remember coming up with new games, changing the rules as we went along (we all had cheeky friends or siblings, right?) and making up dialogs and full storylines with our toys and dolls. Well, guess what? That’s still in you as an adult. If you feel like you are not creative anymore don’t fall for the lie, just find ways to light up the spark. Read a book, try a new class, join an activity group. There are endless ways to get your mojo back but you do need to find one that works for you.
  3. If like us, the nature of your work is creative you may doubt yourself on occasion. We all know intellectually that our creativity isn’t finite but there are days when our minds trick us into feeling utterly empty of inspiration. There are two things we’ve found to work for our team. One is to search for evidence of what we have accomplished recently or refer to work that we are really proud of. The second one is to increase our confidence by brainstorming with the team. The process of coming up with ideas collectively will likely result in actions for each person, which will give each individual a new kick of confidence and will allow your innovative nature to come out and play.

We hope this gives you some inspiration to keep your creative flame shining bright.

If you have tips share them with us! We’re always looking for new ways to improve our work and anything that helps us stay creative is a wonderful gift.