A Little Bit About Me

I am a product, beauty and fashion photographer in Hertford. Raised by artists, I started creating very young. One fateful day at work I was handed a camera. I was asked to take some behind-the-scenes shots and, to my surprise, I fell in love with it! From then on, I took it upon myself to learn everything I could about photography. Five years later I’m living my dream of being a product photographer.

During my career, I have had the opportunity to work on many different projects from music videos to advertising and fashion editorials. In the process, I have learned that what truly moves me is creating in collaboration with my clients. I consider supporting small business owners in realising the vision they have for their brand the perfect mix between work and art. This is why I love being in my Hertford photography studio, getting to bring the uniqueness of my clients’ businesses to life is absolutely energising!

As an entrepreneur, I understand the ins and outs of running a business. How challenging it can be and I also know how important it is to create the best expression of your brand. Being a professional photographer isn’t just a job, it’s my passion, and I know my clients feel the same way about their trade. 

Marketa Grimes
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I put relationships front and centre I see my work as an all-inclusive e-commerce photography service rather than ‘just a product.’ Getting to know a brand well and working together with my clients is one of the best parts of any project. I feel incredibly lucky to live and have my photography studio in Hertford, in the heart of a thriving small business community.